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Our Approach

Client Satisfaction is Job #1. Give us your detailed project package and watch us move like robots. OR ask us to perform miracles and we work like munks. Both approaches are common requests and we accommodate happily. Technology and the Latest Yamaha mixers have improved our workflow, using IPad connectivity in and out with the highest 192khz playback soundcard inside. Gigs’and events are being heard and captured like never before. Setup and Load In’s are remarkably faster and cleaner, adding even more value to our way of working. Whether you want us heard and not seen, or perhaps you want a BIG scene, again, Customer Appreciatiation is what we are all about!

Our Story

Multiple Choice test here..

“OA staff are” ?

A. Not just Sound Engineers they are Musicians.  They treat Every project like a song, in its own unique and important way.

B. Get the impossible done or perhaps just get simple things done impossibly well.

C. As Dedicated to their craft as can be found anywhere, rain or shine.

D. Break and fix something everyday, scientifically on purpose, sometimes just to see what crazy noise it makes.

D. also cook really well

E. All the above

The correct answer is “E”.

All the above at the same time.

We hope you will feel free to email us with your philosophy now you know ours.

Meet the Team

The Oceans Audio team members have been working Southern California Events for decades. Frequent Domestic Tours and International projects coincide with our local efforts to bring and show the best So Cal has to offer.

Mike Drohman

Engineer / Mixer / Editor

Producing Audio since 95′. Cutting Tapes and Making Calls , getting your sounds heard and confirmed before I get there.

Reiley Brinser

House Mixer/ Drum Star / Road Manager

Touring Drum Mercenary, House Man for City of Thousand Oaks Civic Auditorium and Tour Manager of Ozomatli.

Ryno White

Musician / Video / Audio

From Animation to Automobiles to Video and Albums. Sometimes all in one day on the same project!


Our Ears are open…

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